Upper Peninsula

The Upper Peninsula of the former state of Michigan.

From the borders of ol’ Wisconsin to the Straits of Mackinac to Drummond Island up the Soo … Whitefish Point… Pictured Rocks … nuked Houghton (separating the tip of the Keewenaw Peninsula from it’s base that much more … and the Porkies – where you are literally based.

As soon as the garage door opens who knows what?

We’ll start building here

Maybe someone wants to check out the ruins of Chicago or Duluth. Maybe there is a thriving and autonomous freighter league. According to the Dresden Files rpg an area is to have three threats and themes to start with. They help give the area aspects just like characters.

The City Sheet (High Level) is used. The aspects can wait but a a short sentence describing the theme or threat is necessary. Next the lower half of the city sheet has the Balance of Power which is to be sketched out.

Some possible groups include (from Morrow Project rpg):

Badges Ballooners Bikers
Breeders Farmers Gypsy Truckers
Monks New Presidents Shipmen
Slavers Universities Wandering Warlock

One or two locations per player as a general guide.

Upper Peninsula

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