Morrow Project

A pre-apocalyptic quasi-governmental project designed to encapsulate the technology and culture of the United States in order to survive extinction or near-extinction level events (circa 1985).

A project members field pack usually consists of:

MP Kit KCB-70 Knife/Bayonet 1 MP ID Card
Coveralls M17A1 Protective Mask 1 Pocket Knife w/ 2 blades, can & bottle opener and screwdriver
Boots 1 M1 CBR Kit w/ 6 gas antidote loads

A basic pack includes:

1 1 liter canteen w/ cup 1 5 liter folding canteen 1 AN/PRC-68 Personal Communicator w/ Scrambler
1 Mess kit 1 compass 1 generator flashlight
3 Boxes Matches (50/box) 1 Waterproof poncho 1 Sleeping Bag
1 Toilet Kit 1 Weapons Cleaning Kit 1 pair of coveralls
2 sets underwear
Medkit with 8 each of
-Antitoxin -Pain Reliever -Antibiotic
-Sleep Inducer -Coagulant -Stimulant
50 meter of Nylon cord (50 kg. rating) 1 web belt w/ ammo pouches and holster
14 days of rations

Morrow Project

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