Mingo Jimenez

Colonel - Porcupine Village Administrator - Astronaut


Player: 4thWorlder
Homeworld: Earth

Health: 0 0 0
Composure: 0 0 0 0 0
Wealth: 0 0 0

Rank 5 Skill:
Pilot (space)
Rank 4 Skill:
Resolve|Engineering (Space)
Rank 3 Skill:
Navigation (Space)|Aircraft|Charm
Rank 2 Skill:
Communicatons (Space)|Slug Throwers|
Computers (Space)|Vehicle
Rank 1 Skill:

Stunt: Military-grade piloting
Stunt: Military-grade slug throwers
Stunt: (Use My Skill) Wingman: Use my charm in zone/adj. zone (social)

-spent hours as youth staring at airborne planes
-bad smoking habit started young
-Hockey scholarship leads to ROTC
-I’m going to a moon base with NASA
-Involvement with NORAD crisis leads to Morrow Project
-Friendly persuasive qualities and urgent recruiting leads to Martin Septim’s pc
-2nd Space shuttle mission scrubbed after Challenger explodes
-Depression nearly clinical in response
-MP space project recenters life
-Space or Bust – Escape from apocalypse

Mild Consequence:

Medium Consequence:

Sever Consequence:

Gear and stuff: 1 standard gear issue of Morrow Project equipment


Mingo Jimenez

U.P. to the Stars 4thWorlder