U.P. to the Stars

Welcome-Garage Door Opener

Hey folks! You’re waking up! Light hurts your eyes and you can’t even open ‘em. Air seems a little stale and it reminds you that you aren’t in your bedroom. You’re waking up in your hidden village in the Upper Peninsula. You and your Morrow Project team are underneath a 2 billion old lonely mountain that is a short hike from Lake of the Clouds. It was also considered a prime spot to hide one of the villages – a frozen small city – to be protected should potential endtimes arrive.

Nuclear war had been imminent when the team was encapsulated, but Lord only knows what it’s like out there now. And stale air must be Scenario B (or worse must’ve happened). It can’t be a year or two after because it definitely seems a lot longer than that. It’s time to get the gunk out of your eyes and and make sure everyone made it through. And then it’s time to open the garage door and peek outside…



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